Today Is A Big Day, USA

 In The Journal

Waldo has hit the USA!

That means we’re officially a global company – what a difference an ocean makes.


In light of our stateside launch, we’ve entered a whole new set of dates into our Waldo calendar – Independence Day, Thanksgiving and National Cookie Day- and we’re going to celebrate each with equal enthusiasm. In case anyone would like to join us, see dates below in order…

4th July 

22nd November 

4th December 

Having embarked on numerous trips across the North Atlantic Ocean in preparation for our launch, we haven’t been returning empty handed. As you might have noticed, we’ve brought the sun back from the sunshine state (you’re welcome) and we-heart-NY feelings back from the capital city (turns out they’re pretty contagious). Our trips have also brought around a change in our day-to-day behaviour…

We now eat candy, potato chips and order take-out. We throw baby showers. We play football wearing shoulder pads. We wear sneakers, sweaters and vests and most excitingly, we’ve been ‘popping the trunk’…dude.

See you around town USA!


That’s right, it’s no secret – we offer a Free Trial to all new Waldo members.

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